High quality rice is cultivated throughout the country. White rice is a daily food of the majority of people in European, Asian and Africa countries. Farmer can yield two or even three crops annually in some areas, giving aregular year-round output. We can supply with our available system of milling and polishing factories, 100.000 MTS of white rice annually for domestic and international market consumption

Vietnamese Glutinous Rice 10% Broken
Broken (%, max)10
Moisture (%, max)14.5
Foreign matters (%, max)1.0
Damaged kernels (%, max)4.5
Immature kernels (%, max)2.0
Red and Streaked kernels (%, max)4.0
Yellow kernels (%, max)4.5
Paddy grain (grains/kg, max)10
Milling degreeWell Milled
CropCurrent Crop
<!--:en-->Vietnamese Glutinous Rice 10% Broken<!--:--><!--:vi-->Gạo nếp tẻ 10%<!--:-->